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Distinctives Part 5: Christ

The Power of the Leader

Finally, worldly leaders may operate in their own strength and in their own wisdom, and they might be able to accomplish good and even noble things. But biblical leadership produces eternal results because it comes from a different source. It’s not based upon the world’s wisdom or the meager human resources of the leader. These sources can only accomplish what can be explained in natural and human ways and through the limited skills of the leader. By contrast, the inner fuel, guide, and force at work for the biblical leader is the very power of Christ!

Since this is so, biblical leadership must always be a walk of faith. Leadership acted upon with trust in God is then fueled by a supernatural force—Jesus himself! Christ accomplishes through the humble and obedient leader that which can only be ascribed to God’s ability. In the end, the leader sees limitless possibilities for what can be achieved. When the task is complete it is God, not the leader, who receives the credit.

A Definition of Biblical Leadership

Biblical leadership is distinctly different from that described and defined by the world. The distinctives above help Christian leaders understand the unique way the Bible describes one person’s influence upon another, the motivation behind that influence, the eventual outcome of that influence, and the source of power to guide and sustain that influence. This is biblical leadership!

A biblical leader is a person of character and competence who influences a community of people to achieve a God-honoring calling by means of the power of Christ.


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