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Pessimism, Presumption or Wisdom?

Pessimism is often portrayed as wisdom when in reality it can simply be negativity. In other words, being negative is not necessarily wise because its wrapped in spiritual language.

Alternatively, courage can be blamed on God when in reality it is presumption. False courage is pushing God’s hand, i.e., testing God and getting ahead of God, rather than courageously following God.

Faith in this sense is a tension to manage, not a problem to solve. Fear paralyzes and can be blamed on God. False courage causes people to metaphorically jump off building and then ask God to catch them. Presumption can likewise be blamed on God.

Following God is a present-tense walk of faith. We must walk in step with God: not getting behind Him due to fear, and not getting ahead of Him due to presumption and false courage.

The question for pessimists: Where is my faith and courage?

The question for the daring and audacious: Am I conflating my ambitions with God’s will?


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